Science in La Salle Bucaramanga

Science in La Salle Bucaramanga

The students immersed in the bilingual program in La Salle enjoy their science classes in many different ways: they develop didactic activities, games, group work, labs, and others to reinforce the topics seen and practice key vocabulary.

These activities are always minutely planned so students can have the best experience of learning about the world that surrounds them. Inside the classes we create, explain and paste posters in the “science corner”, also we make strikes for the environment and teach others how to take care of Earth. In the labs, the teacher and students experiment and explore organs,
systems, and senses! We are also very aware about the importance of body care and practice good eating and meditation habits.

We strongly believe that we can all learn from each other’s strengths and help others to improve when it’s needed, that has been our way to go since the start of our school year and we plan to continue improving in science knowledge while we keep growing into better people and citizens as well.